I heard he got arrested today, I was gonna ask how you felt. I wish him the best, and I hope he is able to get out of this trouble. He is really starting to get some shine, it would suck if he had to do any time in jail. I doubt he will go to jail though, maybe if will be a fine. I was happy to hear about him getting signed, I need Wayne on that Stoner remix! Or any song, really. I just want everything to be good. Did you listen to the Black Portland mixtape? What do you think? - Vicki


Have You heard of Weezy Wednesdays? Because I died laughing, it’s basically weekly vlogs that wayne puts up every wednesday. I watch the first one and wayne had cockroaches omfg, he was smoking and when he finished he but the blunt by a dead cockroach. He so special. I’D LOVE HIM ON THAT REMIX OMG YAASSSSSSS! I really love that song, but I can’t nae nae for shit lol.

I have yet to hear it and I’m sleep on it lol I know, I hear it very good I was reading reviews lol

BAE IS BACK :D I just saw Thug's Twitter & Instagram, he updated both. I'm happy that didn't take long. - Vicki

lol you so cute :”) they never really do keep celebs for too long lol

My Everything, Bonjor, and I Know were downloaded yesterday. I HATE IT when someone calls bae ugly. They need to leave him alone, if you don't like him, then that's YOUR problem (and I don't like anyone who comes for bae lol). Did you hear that he got signed to Cash Money? What do you think of that? - Vicki

I heard he got arrested I was so upset, all my baes have legal troubles gosh darn it! lol. I heard that but I’m more happy he’s signed, I don’t mind the record label either because WAYNE. Im happy he’ll be working close with his mentor if he did get signed by Cash Money lol. How about you bby? How you feeling about aaaaaaallll of thiis?


Hi boo, I really appreciate this and your support. Don’t die on me now lol I’m aiming for an update this weekend :) Thank you so much for reading 

If you end the story, will you use this tumblr as a personal tumblr? - Vicki

Prolly not lol I got a personal that I never use ;_; but I’ll keep this up, so I can keep up with my Vicki <3

You can tell he is inspired by Wayne because you can hear it all in his music. I love 2 Cups Stuffed, Why Order, Trigger Finger, #TwitterSong, & so many more lol. Young Thug is now Bae too (I have too many now lol). I'm downloading even more of his music right now, just downloaded the Black Portland mixtape he has with Bloody Jay (LOVE every song on it) and I'm downloading his older stuff too. Did you hear any of his 'I Came From Nothing' mixtape songs? Which ones do you like? - Vicki :)

Babe, join the club lmfaoo I got hella baes the list increases everyday cause I love too much lol,

I love My Everything, Bonjour & I Know he’s voice be doing it for me lately lol he’s so cute. People be coming for him, calling him ugly and I get so mad ugh! Lol

Aww if you stop do you have an interest in writing something else... Or naw? Lol

I might, Iol I love to write, i just need ideas 

The package is nail polish, lol. OMG I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY THINKING ABOUT YOUNG THUG LIKE THAT!!! Nice to know someone feels the same way. I just downloaded a bunch of his music. I still need to hear more of his earlier music. In his older music, you can tell he's influenced by Lil Wayne, he said it so many times. What songs do you know by him? What's your favorite? I always liked Drake's personality and how articulate he is, he's a good guy. He makes great music too :) August can sing :)- Vicki

LOL Yas I know my Vicki Baby :D No Young Thug is cute, I don’t know, I’m drawn to him. 

I like Ball, Miss U, Dead Fo Real & Come Around , I think that’s why I like him though, because he reminds me of Wayne and as you know wayne is Baaaaaaaaaaaae!  lol

Are you updating soon? I need this story :)

Aw baby <3 This week hopefully, and it might be the last chapter too. 

When are you updating?

I don’t know :( I wanna like stop writing for this.